Caller Policy

Caller Policy
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Northampton Nightline takes confidentiality very seriously, as we want every caller to feel safe and comfortable to talk about anything. We don’t disclose any information about our callers to anyone outside of Northampton Nightline, but there are a few specific circumstances where information can be shared. These circumstances are very specific:

  • If a terrorist threat is made, Nightline will inform the caller that they are obligated to report the incident to the police due to The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2000.
  • If the authorities request information for legal reasons pertaining to criminal activity.
  • In circumstances where a caller is considered to be abusing the service, we reserve the right to break confidentiality and share details of that caller with other Nightlines, with the police or with some other authority.
  • You ask us to call an external service for you, such as an ambulance. Only information necessary to do this will be disclosed.

Our systems are designed so that we can’t see your phone number when you call us, however our number may appear on itemised phone bills.

A second volunteer may listen in to a call, if the caller is suspected to be abusing the service.

We are able to see your email address if you email us but not able to see your email address if you contact us via Instant Messaging. A second volunteer may contribute to your conversation on Instant Messaging to provide the best support possible. Please note that our email is currently only open to questions and information about Nightline promotion and volunteering applications – we do not currently offer support via email. We will use your email address to reply to your message only, and we won’t keep it for any longer than is necessary. Your email address will be completely confidential.

Northampton Nightline keeps basic records of emails and calls in order to generate statistics about the use of the service. This includes the date, time and length of calls, the gender of callers and the nature of the call. We don’t record any detailed information about specific calls or callers, and records are destroyed within a year.